Tuesday, January 18, 2022

World’s Largest Yearling Bucking Bull Sale (WLBBS) is an established premier livestock sale, specializing in high-end, world champion bucking bull bloodlines.  The United Bucking Bulls, Inc. (UBBI) is a professional organization providing competition, membership, and CRM for bucking bull owners and breeders. The two have agreed to a partnership for marketing the 3rd annual WLBBS - WLYBBS-UBBI-Co op.  Integrated, affinity, content, eCommerce, remarketing.


Expand the WLYBBS brand cross-channel, establishing a digital presence through partnership with a vertical organization with a strong digital base and presence.  Provide value to both through direct access to additional vertical markets, increased organic search rankings, traffic, and eCommerce revenue.

Bucking bull breeding, and competition, is now a high-tech, multi-million dollar industry and not looking to slow down anytime soon.  Young bulls, ages 1-2, with world champion blood lines are selling for upwards of $250,000, prior to having an actual bull rider on them.  Previously a wealthy business mans’ playground, the breeding and competing of professional bucking bulls has captured a younger, tech savvy market comprised of professional athletes, crowdfunding, single women, and young entrepreneurs.

The WLYBBS has a traditional high engagement rate for the bi-annual sales, but it lacks a digital element. 100% traditional marketing, via catalog, mailers, and print, provided for only 5% acquisition growth sale-over-sale. Revenues were seeing an increase as the traditional base was spending more, but profit margins were not moving as CPS was increasing.  On the flip side, the UBBI is a relatively new player, established in 2010, and lacks history in the bucking bull market.  It does, however, have a rapidly growing digital presence with high consumer engagement..  


The WLYBBS and UBBI are verticals to the same market.  I identified the affinity opportunity by presenting the cross-marketing opportunity.  Consumers need young bulls in order to participate in UBBI events, and the WLYBBS specializes in young bulls.  



Building on the results from both organization’s existing efforts, the highest revenue generating components were translated into an integrated strategy, combining the best of the traditional (glossy, full-color catalog direct mailer) with the breadth and frequency of search, content, and rich media. Plus, the additional of live streaming would allow off site bidding and post sale remarketing.

Creating a partnership with UBBI provides established digital channels, increasing reach and leads along with giving UBBI the opportunity to reach new buyers and others within their target. The partner strategy Includes the proven traditional integrated with email, online advertising, and ongoing content marketing capabilities.


By tapping into the digitally engaged consumer of the UBBI this provided the WLYBBS a robust and already engaged new consumer database along with giving it more traditional consumer another channel where they could promote their stock and have access to greater resources for content, community, and resources.


Leveraging the UBBI’s content marketing and untapped consumer base, active buyers increased by 120% the first year of partnership and increased profit margins by 50%. The profit margin increase is attributed to greater reach and lower cost per ad, along with an automated remarketing to bidders out bid showcasing ‘no sale’ bulls with similar profiles to the one they lost out on.  Both organizations also increased their databases with prospects and qualified leads.