Tuesday, January 18, 2022

TRIOLOGYTM - triologycare.com - is a natural oral health care product, proven safer and more effective than the chemical based cleaners like CHX.  Gaining awareness and acceptance of a natural oral health care product by the primary target, dentists, proves to be a challenge..  This group relies on two sources of information, studies and the dental hygienist experience with the product.  




Create greater brand awareness and lead generation in TRIOLOGYTM primary target, dentists, by creating brand advocates in the dental hygienists and dental assistants via a 30-day challenge of the product, promoted through affiliate, social contests and promotions. PPC, paid, affiliate, content, social media. View TRIOLOGY 30-Day Challenge



Hygienists are an active and engaged social group who value the opinion of their peers and respond well to challenges of new products. Hygienists, when empowered, will become advocates of the brand.  Hygienists are known to actively participate in free trials and reviews in both online and offline channels.  This group also respond well to media across both affiliate and social channels.  The key pain point for hygienists is a dirty mouth as it takes longer to clean and puts a greater stress on their body.



Leverage TRIOLOGYTM’s value proposition - You’re invested in patient care and TRIOLOGYTM is the all natural oral cleanser that creates a healthier mouth which is a cleaner mouth. See the results for yourself through your personal trial of TRIOLOGYTM  and have a friend, patient, or the dentist try it with you.  Participants take the 30-day challenge by clicking through to landing page with a form giving.  Workflows are triggered with emails engaging conversation during the trial and then they submit a review video (vine, FB, YouTube) and are entered to win a $500 Visa gift card (2) or $100 Visa gift card (10). Two phases of 30-day challenges for twice as many chances to win.



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Leveraging a paid campaign initially, led to an organic viral lift via sharing on social channels.  Within the second phase (30-days) of the contest, acquisition orders increased by 50%, surpassing the original goal of 40% within 60 days.  Site traffic increased three fold (30% through affiliate, 50% paid, 20% social-organic)  and offer conversions (free trial - non promotion, eBooks, whitepapers, etc) increased 60%. We also established contest and promotion specific best practices for TRIOLOGYTM paid search campaigns, including product launch, promotional targeting, and geo-targeting, resulting in an increase in trials, conversions, and order values.