Saturday, November 27, 2021

Strategic Marketing Plans

BSI - Inbound Agency


The market is growing, competition is growing, and BSI is growing, but struggling with the current growth.  The recommendation is simple, treat BSI the way we treat our clients through clear communication, direction, and results - all formulated from their personalized plan.  We have an onboarding system for all clients that allows BSI to fact find, develop a plan, implement the plan and measure the plan. 



CHIP - Clorox-Marketing-PlanCLOROX - CHIP is a brand new entrant into healthcare, introduced to the market in March 2012.  The product has yet to gain significant market share; 1% in a $160 million category.  

Clorox Healthcare Infection Prevention (CHIP), was created to generate awareness and adoption of the new product.  The target markets for program CHIP are the Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and the Infection Preventionists (IPs).  GPOs are purchasing cooperatives that healthcare facilities join in order to increase their purchasing power.  Having our product on contract with all GPOs is a critical step in gaining distribution.  IPs are hospital employees and gatekeepers tasked with keeping patients, visitors, volunteers, employees and healthcare providers safe from infection.


Blue Bunny - Web RM

Blue Bunny Marketing Plan 07Searching (consumers seeking information) brings higher traffic to CPG sites. This traffic is first-class: predominately female with higher incomes, better educated, and bigger spenders than non-search traffic. We know that Molly is online, she is engaged, and she is a searcher. Taking the seven goals, as spelled out by Blue Bunny and working with them in a relevant order, we can create the atmosphere that should engage Molly with the site and give her the opportunity to become an advocate of Blue Bunny. 

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