Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Malley Surgical - malleysurgical.com - a bariatric surgery center, focusing on cutting edge technology combined with lifestyle rehab.  The goal of Malley Surgical is to treat both the physical and mental components of obesity with 360-degree care.


Provide a user experience (UX) that engages the obese market in thoughtful, empowering way. Driving leads to in-office seminars (90% conversion rate) through lead nurturing, via meaningful content, community components, and conversations. UX, content, strategy, email.


Malley surgical is a bariatric surgery center, struggling with an extremely high website bounce rate of 89%, and >5% conversions MOM.  Traditional media was not creating leads or conversations.

Bariatric surgery is one of the top surgeries for effective and long-lasting weight loss in the obese consumer market.  Consistent, trusted, and caring UX comes from creating rich content, media, and interaction.  By upgrading to a fully responsive and mobile optimized website with marketing automation software, Malley Surgical can provide a community experience, needed to begin building a sustainable relationship with the target consumer.

The target market prefers to research options privately.  This new format gives Malley the opportunity to provide all relevant information, real-time, through the website and establish conversations immediately.


Provide a ‘better lifestyle’ UX, concentrating on community, resources, and solutions for obesity.  Provide an experience of fitting-in and knowing you’re not alone through patient testimonials, live chat, content - eBooks, videos, before and afters,

Strengthen SEO through targeted content and rich media focusing on the comorbidities associated with obesity such as Weight Loss Surgery + Infertility, Weight Loss Surgery + Diabetes, and Weight Loss Surgery + Hypertension. This type of content marketing provides prospective patients an added value of understanding how the surgery would affect them personally, versus describing the procedure.

http://www.malleysurgical.com/patient-reviews - Patient Reviews

http://www.malleysurgical.com/resources/e-book-library - eBook Library

http://www.malleysurgical.com/blog/video-blogs - Video Blogs

http://truestar.com/index.aspx - Community

The Result

The first seminar, marketed wholly by the UX and content marketing strategy, yielded 22 attendees, with 21 booking consultations. The following 30 days (chart below), the second seminar had 46 attendees out of 49 submissions (3 others participated online) with 40 booking consults then and four others the following Monday (after remarketing email) for a total of 44 out of 46.  Consistently, seminars have averaged between 15-20 attendees each month, with 90% booking consultations at each in-person seminar.


BIGSHOT was one of the first in the industry to address the fundamental shift of patients needs from researching surgery options and what they entail, to actively looking for a surgeon they can connect with and that they are comfortable having perform the procedure.