Tuesday, January 18, 2022


digital marketing lauranne smith A digital marketing plan takes into consideration a myriad of things: responsive site, search, social, paid advertising, email, content, analytics, etc. Digital marketing offers so many more ways to keep the conversations going with your consumer, as opposed to traditional. A primary element, content marketing, is predicted to be more important than ever for 2015. Having a plan that utilizes all types of content marketing is essential: social media, infographics, blogs, webinars, landing pages, eBooks, and more. Remember, consistency and consumer focused is key as success comes from the consistent experience your consumer has across all touchpoints.

Quarterly Content Marketing Planner 

content marketing calendar sampleConsistency is key for online success and the ability to see an entire quarter's content plan allows all for consistency and efficiency across campaigns, channels, and departments.  Mapping out a quarter, in one place, also aides in automation, repurposing, optimizing, and promoting content. Be ahead the competition by knowing what content is where, far in advance.